A Little Dot In The Universe

A Little Dot In The Universe

While I am a writer and something of a loafer, my kid brother is a thinker and a worker of the brain. He’s either a budding scientist, or a philosopher in training. Maybe he’s both.

He got a full ride to a major university last year. Like he did in high school, the kid made straight A’s. He even had time to join a fraternity. By Thanksgiving, he had gotten a girlfriend. Meanwhile, I was still at home at Mom and Dad’s, collecting rejection letters, from publishers and ladies.

Anyway, when my kid brother came home for summer break, man, the boy was brimming over with new ideas I couldn’t begin to fathom.

He spoke at length about the expanding universe theory. I got a headache and begged him to share his beer.

expanding universe theory

When my little brother spoke, his eyes sparkled. I have never seen his eyes sparkle like that before. Clearly, the kid is growing up. The kid is finding his passion in this beautiful world. I am proud as can be of him. I don’t’ understand what he is saying, but as he speaks, I can fill my mind expanding, even just a little, while his mind just expands and explodes.

I taught the kid to ride a bicycle. I taught him how to tie a tie. I taught him how to drive.

Now he is using words I can’t define, let alone spell.  He is operating on a new level now. He is living on a different plane. I am rooting for him. I am hoping to catch up with him someday.

One thing life has taught me, and I think it has taught my little brother, too; it’s all mysterious, but within the mystery, the heartbeat of life beats, in beauty.