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Going On A Summer Camp

Going On A Summer Camp

Hip-hip hooray! School’s out! Time for a great holiday! Not so fast, Joe, because have you seen what those other kids have gone on to achieve. Not only are they doing it for their doting and hardworking parents, they’re especially doing it for themselves. These days, these kids are so bright and clever, you’d hardly think that they need extra lessons. But not for them, extra lessons, yes please, the more the merrier, and, oh, let’s all go on an esl summer camp, why don’t we. Just remember though.

Going on a summer camp is not just about having to take extra lessons. It’s still necessary, of course, because many of you are still battling with your Spanish, never mind your English. And hands up those of you who don’t need help with your math. Just remember one thing about these summer camps. Yes, it’s all about learning, extra learning in particular. But is also, and especially, about having loads of fun. Not fun you would normally be exposing yourself to. Like TV games instead of getting out there in the sunshine.

Come on guys, and girls, how long do you think you will last. And how boring is this? Now, if you really must, there’s still going to be plenty of time for indoor games because, after all, you still need your breaks form lessons. Learning a foreign language is hard work indeed. And unless you just happen to be as smart and hardworking like those Chinese kids over there, math is always going to be an uphill battle. And who says you’re not clever like them? Don’t let them and don’t ever let yourself down either.

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Making a note for your summer diary that you’ve got great potential, kiddo.